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Security Risk Analyst at TDC Group

Posted 2 weeks ago

At TDC Group, Group Security, Assurance & Risk Team we are currently looking for a talented and skilled Risk Analyst for a temporary position initially covering one (1) full year. During your employment you will be referring to the Head of Security Risk Management. Sk%C3%A6rmbillede%202019-02-07%20kl.%2012.54.06.png

In the role as a Risk Analyst you will be used to assess and identify the potential risks that may damage the reputation, safety, security and financial prosperity of TDC Group. In addition, you will also be supporting the Head of Security Risk Management with communicating risk policies and processes for the organization, provide hands-on development of risk models involving market, credit and operational risk, assure controls are operating effectively, coordinate efforts and approaches with BISOs, and provide research and analytical support on Risk Management in general. As such, your role as a Risk Analyst in TDC Group is also to document and ensure a various set of risk management related activities to help Group Security advise and direct the organization on Security Risk Management and to assess and control the many risks that can affect our ability to execute our strategy and reach our objectives.

Your tasks will vary and adjust over time, covering a broad perspective of risk management activities, e.g. performing risk assessments and gap-analysis, follow-up on self-assessments, ensure control efficiency, incident handling processes and disaster recovery plans, conducting compliance and control testing, investigating security policies, document exemption allowances and the need for stress testing, ensure alignment with audits, BISOs and reporting mechanisms on risk environment and KRIs.

In addition, you will also be conducting further risk analysis, producing detailed risk reporting to support the business in understanding relevant and potential risks, their likelihood and the impact of them if they occur, as well as ensuring liaising and advisory of other Group departments and Group Security Teams on Risk Management and Risk Management related issues.

Hence, as a Risk Analyst you need to be able to cover processes of day-to-day risk management activities including:  

  • Gathering information and assessing it
  • Ensuring inputs and documentation to support risk assessments and reports
  • Advising the business units on risk management, including how they can improve their risk levels
  • Using your knowledge to perform risk assessments and suggest risk improvement initiatives or programs
  • Adjusting the risk quality grades
  • Support training of employees and evangelize risk management through awareness campaigns
  • Performing general administrative risk management tasks
  • Liaising with other security professionals and business units

You will also need to keep yourself updated and help the Assurance & Risk Management Team with being updated on the latest security, technical, regulatory and political related aspects that could change the risk environment landscape and affect the security risk levels. This could include developments in cyber risks, physical threat evaluations, geopolitical tensions or new legislation on e.g. EU and national level.

To be taken into consideration, either deep experience within the telco sector and/or degrees or diplomas within one or more of the following areas are preferred:

  • Risk Management
  • GRC
  • Information Security
  • Law, Compliance or Regulatory Analysis
  • Insurance
  • Audit

In addition, you must also preferable possess all or most of the following skills:

  • Good analytical, coordination and communication skills
  • High level of dedication into Risk Management
  • Ability to sustain an overall overview and retain and process large amounts of complex and/or technical information
  • Good writing skills 
  • A true team player
  • Ability to adapt to changing and developing working environments
  • Experience within MS Office and using GRC applications

If you are interested, then please submit your application before March 15th 2019. Job interviews will be conducted regularly during the application period. In case you have any questions, then please feel free to contact Head of Security Risk Management, Michael Kayser Vestergaard, by phone +45 21383079.

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