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Graduate Graduate Programme

Have you recently or are you about to graduate your master's degree, are you ambitious, and do you want to kick-start an incredible career in a successful international organization? If yes, then SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY and apply the BAT Global Graduate Programme. 


The BAT Global Graduate Programme is a 24-months fast-track to management, that's geared to high-potential individuals. The Programme will take you through four job rotations, international training with other Global Graduate in the English countryside and possibly an international assignment.

During this time, you will explore and learn the BAT way. You will HIT THE GROUND RUNNING, as It'll throw you into a real job from day one. Further, you have a chance to make an impact on our business and start building a strong network of professional and dedicated colleagues.  

When you have successfully completed the programme, you will be ready for a fast-track career in British American Tobacco - typically with a permanent position in Copenhagen. However, your broad and international network gained through the programme will also provide global career opportunities.


The BAT Global Graduate Programme is designed to help you develop the skills you need to reach success as a business leader anywhere in the world.

As a graduate in BAT you will receive special attention to help you plan your rotations and guide you on your future career path. You will be offered the chance to develop your personal and professional competencies. But, BAT believes that you should DRIVE YOUR OWN DEVELOPMENT, as there's no substitute for hands-on learning. 


Over the 24 months, you will learn marketing fundamentals like brand positioning, brand authorship, consumer dialogue, account classification, strategy planning and market tracking. You will work in three main areas during the programme:

  • Brand Marketing – see how brand positioning and authorship fit into the wider creative process as you help develop our campaigns in collaboration with our agencies
  • Trade Marketing & Distribution – discover the strategic value of shopper marketing, selling, supply chain flow and effective consumer retail dialogues.
  • Strategy Planning & Insights – learn the research tools and insights behind our decisions; the competitor analysis that informs our market knowledge; and the planning processes that keep our brand activities on track.

Read more and find out how to apply to our Global Graduate Programme and take the first step towards an amazing career.