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Carlsberg is a Denmark-based company active within the brewing industry. It is the parent company of the Carlsberg Group. Carlsberg's principal business is the operation of breweries, which have a primary focus on the production, retail and marketing of beer, with secondary activities in the soft drink and water production.

It offers approximately 500 brands, with a core international brand, Carlsberg Pilsner, supported by such international and regional brands as Tuborg, Baltika, 1664, Holsten, Kronenbourg, Falcon, Pripps, Karhu, Okocim, Feldschloesschen, Ringnes, Wusu and others. Carlsberg is operational worldwide, with activities mainly in Northern, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in Asia. In addition to its primary business, it is engaged in the development and sale of real estate, particularly at its former brewery sites, and the operation of the Carlsberg Research Center.

Working at Carlsberg

At Carlsberg you can experience practically all job areas, work internationally, rise through the ranks or become the best in your position. All it takes is the courage to face challenges head-on and a passion for winning. Working with some of the world’s strongest brands, you will be faced with many professional challenges. The road may be tough but the daily work need never become boring.

Carlsberg is in the beer business and sell enjoyment, happiness and good company – which you can experience on a daily basis. Employing and developing the right people is a key to Carlsberg's success. They want to be the best, and this has created a true fighting spirit throughout the group – with lots of commitment and courage, and a professional attitude towards business. Team spirit is essential in Carlsberg but you can find your own space. As a part of the team, you will be given the responsibility and opportunity to set your own agenda.

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